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Sea Candy Tackle Ltd

Sea Candy Tackle Eco friendly Fishing Lures

Alexandra Zemba is the owner and founder of Sea Candy Tackle Ltd. While participating in KEDCO’s Summer Company program in 2014, she successfully developed her business upon the foundation of her passions for biology, the environment, and sustainable fishing. The most valuable lesson she learned from the Summer Company was the value of networking. While she claims to be a shy individual, she soon learned the how to grow her business through connecting with other professionals and community members in her industry. Taking these steps truly helped her strengthen her products. In order to maintain her success, she focuses on her goals of sustainable fishing practices. As a result, she has successfully educated other members of the fishing community of the importance of her product. Her perseverance and unwavering belief in her product has helped her to push forward.  

sea candy enviro jigsAs an avid fisher herself, she understands the negative short-term and long-term environmental effects that result from using fishing equipment containing lead and zinc. Alexandra’s sincere concern for the environment’s present and future fuels her desire to keep moving forward with her business. Among the plethora of brands for fishing lures on the market, she recognizes that there is a limited supply of lead free fishing lures. As a result, Alexandra bridged that gap in supply through Sea Candy Tackle Ltd.’s wide array of products. She has thoroughly researched her market and provided similar products that are commonly purchased. The significant difference between her products and those of her competitors is that Sea Candy Tackle Ltd.’s products are lead and zinc free. Her role in manufacturing and sales keeps her closely involved in the major operations of her company. Although it would be more cost effective to create products that contain lead and zinc, she does not want to sacrifice the quality of her products and the overall message that her brand conveys. Sea Candy Tackle Ltd.’s products have been widely accepted from major retailers such as Bass Pro and Canadian Tire. On top of all her success, she has recently auditioned on popular CBC television shows such as The Next Gen Den as well as Dragon’s Den. She learned a lot from these experiences and will continue to pursue her goal of creating a better and more sustainable environment for fishing.

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