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Virus Prevention Website Hacking Protection Advice

by Tina Circelli at Response I.T.

The Truth about Web Security

If you’re online, the reality is that you’re vulnerable to malicious attack. Whether banking online, selling a service or product, or simply running a website that generates a lot of traffic, there is always the potential for an incident that can taint your experience. The benefit to a hacker isn’t always monetary; most often there is no provocation or motive – it’s simply because they can. As frustrating as this reality may be, it is a threat that all website owners must come to terms with.

The potential for disaster is there, but you don’t need to be in constant fear that your website will fall prey to one of these attacks. The most important thing to remember is that hackers’ skills and the penetrative power of malware is always evolving, but the developers of Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress are diligent in staying in contest with these fiends.

KEDCO Kingston Small Business Development

The Small Business Development Centre at KEDCO is part of the ONE network. Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and many resources. Follow this link to learn more about your  business E-Commerce needs.

Meet the team at the Small Business Development Centre at KEDCO:

  • Rebecca Darling, Senior Business Consultant and Summer Company Manager
  • Ella Vanderburgt, Business Consultant and Starter Company Manager

Here is an E-commerce tool kit to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn more about E-commerce.

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