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Getting on 'The Google'

Google Search Engine SEO tools tips

by Wil Cleland at Response I.T.

Take It Back to Basics

Getting on 'the Google' is something of a mystery for many, but the reason to be on the first page of Google typically isn't. As most of us know, when someone is looking for a product or service, whether from their phone, or their home or office computer, they are using the Google Search Engine. Google currently holds 67% of the market share on PC searches, and a whopping 83% on Mobile. Most of the time searchers never navigate away from the 1st results page so it is ultimately important that we show up on somewhere on the 1st page for the keywords of our businesses.

How to get 'Ranked'

Breaking it down to the essentials, getting on the first page takes good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that is the process of setting up your website and offsite marketing to accurately show search engines what you are all about.

It all starts with Keywords

Google is essentially looking at the content of your page from the top down for who you are and what you do. They look in the Title, the Headings, the ALT descriptions of images, URLS and so much more. The content is the most important aspect of your website and by using your keywords everywhere you can tell search engines what they need to know. Utilize headings, titles, bolds, and emphases to support your keywords in your content.

Use the FREE Tools Google provides

I always say submit to Google, and I don’t mean in a 50 shades of grey kind of way, I mean use the Google Webmaster Tools to submit your sitemap and tell them who you are, where they can find you and what you have to offer. Using the Webmaster Tools they provide goes a long way to getting you indexed and showing that you are working to get noticed.

Put Yourself on 'The Google'

The last point we'll stress is taking control of your Google for Business and Google+ pages. These pages are directly linked to Google and the information is top notch when it comes to getting noticed and placed on maps, Google business listings and more. Be as descriptive and explanatory as you can as it's all in the details.

Following these steps will help get you noticed, tweaking them will take you to the top.

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