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3 Enemies That Are Stopping You Dead

By Diana Lidstone


A big THANK YOU and Hug to those who attended Montreal/Ottawa #SUCCEED on Purpose!  These events are my gift to you ... to help you slay those dragons that stand in your way of reaching Successville.

I also know that there were many of you who could not attend and I wanted to share some critical strategies from that day!

Reaching your version of Successville is like putting pieces of a puzzle together -- sometimes you work hard trying to find that special piece and you just can't find it.  Has that ever happened to you?  You become frustrated that you can't find the puzzle piece, and then someone walks by your puzzle and immediately say's .... "there it is"!  They see so clearly what you couldn't see for yourself!  (It's like that in business too!!).

Here are 3 enemies which may be sabotaging your travels to success:

1.  LACK OF COMMUNITY  Many of us work alone.  We are the company.  Some of us have small teams that we lead.  But I know that most of you are out there on your own -- no one to bounce ideas around with; no one to support you; no one to talk to when things go well or when you're having a bad day!  That sucks!!!!!

Isolation is the enemy of success.  Being alone isn't good for anyone.  When we are alone, we make mountains out of mole hills; we get stuck in self-doubt; we become squirrels and don't stay focussed.  By nature, humans are meant to be in groups.  We need groups that support us; inspire us and motivate us.

During #SUCCEED, I told the story of 2 guys and a girl (my own mastermind) and how it supported me to take my annual income and turn it into monthly income!  It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen JUST because of my mastermind.  I had guidance; I have someone who believes in me; someone who sees my potential and encourages me to reach it.  She is my coach!  Who do you have?  

NO SUCCESSFUL PERSON reaches Successville by themselves!  Ask any Olympian; ask any star athlete; ask any successful business person!  Please don't kid yourself into thinking that you can do it alone!  Give yourself permission to ask for help!

2.  LACK OF BIZ SKILLS  I love Robin Sharma and I believe his words ... Each one of us has genius within!  You are awesome at your unique craft & skill.  Perhaps it is innately yours; perhaps you took a course; perhaps you've practised it.  But you have a craft or mastery!  However, many of you are lacking business skills to take your mastery and turn it into a wildly profitable business.  And that's okay -- we weren't born to be perfect; we weren't born to do everything perfectly!  

If you are missing a business skill; if you need some help putting into place the 10 Foundational Biz Must Haves -- then get some help.  Its okay to ask for help!

(BTW -- my unique mastery or craft happens to be having  business skills!  After having grown 5 successful businesses, I know a little something about starting with a dream and turning it into profit!)

3.  LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY  It's not our fault that we aren't great at keeping ourselves accountable!  Think about it.  When you were young, your parents told you what to do and when.  When you went to school, teachers told you.  Then you went to work, your boss told you.  Then some of you decided to try entrepreneurship.  OMG - there is no one out there to tell you what to do; when to do it; whether it's the right or wrong thing; whether you are doing it in the right order.  It can be overwhelming.  

Are you being truly accountable?  If you're anything like me, it was easy to let myself off the hook; let things slide; excuse poor performance; and let myself become distracted.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

To take your business to the next level (what ever that means for you), you'll have to stop doing some things -- like working towards your goals and actually start creating them; you'll have to let go some of your clients because they don't represent the clientele you truly want to work with; you have to stop seeking advice from people who are where you are currently and start seeking out people who are where you want to be!  What will you have to stop doing to move forward?

So how do you slay your dragons?  How do you put the pieces of the puzzle together?  How will you start becoming who you need to be so that you can lead the business you want?  

In gratitude,


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