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At Academy of Learning College, we attribute the growth in our success to identifying the gap between the formal education available and the realities of the working world. We fulfill the needs of learners by developing customized programs for each them, while meeting the requirements for convenient and effective training at an affordable cost. 

In today’s business world, where quality training is not only important but essential to career success, Academy of Learning College stands out as a training provider relied on by adult learners, employers and government agencies. No other private post-secondary college can match the variety of programs that Academy of Learning College offers. Learners can choose from over 30 diploma and certificate programs offered at Academy of Learning College.



Pic 2Academy of Learning is committed to using technology as a differentiator
Course materials and instructions provide an all encompassing learning experience using multi-sensory learning styles and preferences through workbooks, media presentations, and hands-on exercises. These learning styles are supported by an on-site qualified college learning coach. 

This learning style also applies to Academy of Learning College’s Online ILS Hybrid courses. Academy of Learning College has turned the page by applying technology in a whole new style of learning, offering online courses, programs, learning and education. Adult learners will have the opportunity of learning and participating in a virtual online classroom. Courseware and lessons are delivered utilizing textbooks, software, and online digital media, in addition to a live lecture every day. With the click of a button, students enter the Online Virtual Classroom where their Instructor is waiting to deliver a live lesson and answer questions in real time.



Pic 3 From the moment people walk through the doors, they see and feel the Academy of Learning College difference. We are the gateway to a new career. Adult learners enjoy an independent atmosphere and an office-like environment for learning. Academy of Learning College is dedicated to helping our learners reach their goals—quickly and easily, and in a setting that builds confidence while building skills. Adult learners receive intensive, hands-on training in a professional atmosphere. 

At Academy of Learning College, help is always at hand whenever it is needed. One-on-one support is available by dedicated, trained facilitators for every phase of every course. We offer online help, discussion groups and real-time chat. Our learners training is our number one priority. We make sure they get the help they need every step of the way. With course enrolment being continuous, learners can begin training for a career immediately and be ready to enter the work force sooner. We are committed to providing our learners with high quality curriculum and skills building to give them an edge in the work force.


Academy of Learning College offers several different training programs that provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Every program offered at Academy of Learning College is designed to prepare students for the demands of today’s professional workplace. 
Academy of Learning College welcomes all students who strive for a challenging and fulfilling career, and who are ready to devote themselves to their professional success.
Depending on the specialization chosen, Adult learners can expect to gain expertise in different industry-related areas.
Certain programs will include courses that focus on training students on a full range of computer and office skills, including current software applications, 
general office management, accounting, personal and professional development, and customer service.

Business Accounting
Business Office Accounting Clerk
Payroll and Accounting

Administrative Assistant
Microcomputer Business Applications
Business Office Skills
Business Administration
Marketing Coordinator
Project Administration
Sales Professional

Medical Office Administration
Medical Receptionist

Customer Service & Information Clerk
Home Inspection Diploma

Web Designer

International Hospitality Management
Conference and Event Planner

Network Administrator
Computer Service Technician
PC Support Specialist
A+ Certification Prep and MCSA: Windows Server

Individual courses available
in all disciplines.



Our Campuses provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace. The features of our Integrated Learning System™ allow for flexibility in your daily schedule. You can finish your program quickly to get into the job market faster.


Integrated Learning System

AOLCC’s eLearning modules are designed to build you skills step-by-step and help you master what you need to know to succeed in your new career. No matter how you learn best, our Integrated Learning System will help you get to where you want to go.



We offer shorter programs, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in just 4-12 months instead of the conventional 2-4 years at a Community College or University. This gives you the financial flexibility to get into the workforce sooner, instead of being tied to a Community College or University for additional years.



Work / Life balance is important. Don’t give up on your dream of a better career to help you and your family. Our flexible hours and online learning allow you to earn a Diploma or Certificate with minimal disruption to your daily schedule. You’ll be able to balance your education with your employment and your family. With our continuous enrolment, it is never too late for you to start. We offer learners the ability to start training at any time!



We offer over 30 Diploma and Certificate programs for you to choose from. For additional one-on-one explanation, Learning Coaches are available at all times to provide assistance. You’ll receive personal support from a qualified Learning Coach to help you succeed!



Audio, visual, online and rich media instructions are used to explain concepts and guide learners through initial skill-based applications. Hands-on tasks give students an opportunity to apply skills to “real life” situations. We help you master the subject matter before moving onto the next lesson.



There's no intimidating classroom atmosphere or competition! We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning-environment for all our adult learners. If you need to miss a lesson you can take the same lesson at another time, with ILS and online learning you'll never miss an assignment or lesson.




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