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We believe that each person has within them an Epic Story. A powerful sense of direction and purpose that, when fully harnessed, will transform their lives and the lives of others. Most business leaders started out with that sense of purpose. Do you remember? Do you remember the energy and the drive that pushed you to do whatever you needed to in order to start to bring that story to life?

Sometimes, we lose our connection with that drive. When we do, our businesses often start to falter. Ask yourself–gently–are you doing all you need to in your business? Are you doing all you need to for your own growth?

Rebecca Darling is now part of the Rhapsody team in Kingston, Ontario.
“I have learned that succeeding in business requires innovative thinking and the ability to adapt, and one of my favourite parts about business coaching is the way in which I can help my clients grow their perspective. It is incredibly rewarding to help people recognize their potential. Inspired action happens when people realize their own “aha-moment” to accelerate their success.” 

Having a business coach on your side can help you achieve clarity and positive change into your life. I’m excited to be a part of the Rhapsody Strategy team because we have the expertise and the systems to support you on your trajectory to success.

Our Business Coaches are here to help you get back to your Epic Story and can help you rediscover that drive, equip you with the tools you may be lacking, and hold you to account as you start to transform your actions.


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