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"Knowledge Builds Like Compound Interest"

~Warren Buffet

The Power of "Let’s"

Jim Rohn expert success advice

by Jim Rohn

To really help people in extraordinary ways, learn to deal in challenges. That is what sports is all about—challenges. That is what music is all about—the challenge to play so well that someone is inspired. The challenge to say it so well someone gets it. The challenge to be so gifted in language that someone sees it. Insight is unbelievable, and only human beings can do this.

So, there's a man. He closes his eyes and puts his hands over his eyes and says, "l see it. You say, "No, you don't—you've got your eyes closed. No. There is more than one way to see. And all someone has to do is see, visualize, an answer they can start on immediately, and within six months their life could start to multiply and change. Within one year, the difference will be extraordinary, and a person who was lost
now becomes a person of influence—just because someone helped them to see, for the moment, what was wrong and the possibility to change it. And then the challenge to go do it and do it well.

The 60 Second Elevator Pitch Part 1

60 second elevator pitch tips

The 60 Second Elevator Pitch: An Essential Tool

(Part 1 of a two-part series)

By Elizabeth Sagermann

First impressions are lasting. How many times has your first interaction with someone stayed with you long after parting? When the encounter goes well, you're left wanting more and ready to further explore a service or organization. But in many instances, a negative impression leaves you confused, annoyed, and turned off for good. All business owners should be able to make a great first impression clearly and succinctly—it's essential to growing your network and your business.

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